Tinjauan Historis Mengenai Pelibatan Sektor Keamanan Dalam Krisis Kesehatan

Asep Kamaluddin Nashir, Denny Indra Sukmawan


Security sector engagement, in particular TNI, Polri and BIN are seen as dominant during Covid-19 pandemic. It trigger concern across the public, as the civil argue that their security approach is ineffective. On the other hand, their involvement is guaranteed by the laws and regulations. Best practices across the world show that the involvement of the security sector in dealing with pandemics is a necessity, especially for countries that have poor national health systems. This study uses qualitative methods, with secondary data.


Security Sector; Security Sector Reform; Security Sector Governance; Pandemic; Covid-19; National Security

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31599/jkn.v8i1.533


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