Decriminalization of Omnibus Law To Enhance Investment In Indonesia

Gede Aditya Pratama


This study explains about decriminalization through Omnibus Law as a mean to attract investment to Indonesia. Omnibus Law that enacted in November 2020 has revoke 17 penal articles and revise another 50 penal articles to “material delict”. This was done to boost confidence to investors and business actors, so they are more comfortable to put their investment and run their business in Indonesia. The policy of decriminalization is something that equitable to do. This is done because of several factors that are taken into considerations, such as political and economic reasons. With the national priority of Indonesia now is towards the recovery of its economy through investment amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not strange that this decriminalization policy through Omnibus Law was taken. However, the effectiveness of it to reach its goal still need time to prove.  


Decriminalization;Omnibus Law;Investment

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