Russia-Ukraine Disputes based on International Law

Mochammad Syafruddin Rezky Sanaky, Ika Dewi Sartika Saimima, Vicky Vicky


Russia-Ukraine tensions that have escalated recently have captured the world's attention. The tension is marked by the deployment of hundreds of thousands of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and the response of a number of member countries of the North Atlantic Defense Organization (NATO), including the United States (US), to Russia's move. The presence of NATO, which seems to be a threat to Russia, has played a role in the escalation of tensions on the Russia-Ukraine border. This paper analyzes the real nature of Russian-Ukrainian relations and the background of the increasing tension between them, and the international reaction to this situation. It is the duty of the international community to continue to seek a peaceful settlement, so that the fear of a new world war does not occur. The ongoing conflict will ultimately harm many parties, not only European countries, but also countries in other regions.


Russia-Ukraine;NATO;International Law

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